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“Chammak Challo” Telugu Movie Review

Chammak Challo review: Story

Kishore [Avasarala Srinivas] is an ambitious film maker who cames to India and is looking for an exciting really like tale. Kishore unintentionally gets to Appa Rao [Shayaji Shinde] and understanding about kishore film programs, Appa rao informs, actual lifestyle really like tale of Shyam [Varun Sandesh] and Anshu [Sanchitha] to him, but he unfinishes it. What was the really like story? Did Kishore came to know about the really like tale complete? Did a film out of it? has to be seen on the big screen.

RATING : 2/5

chammak challo movie

Chammak Challo Review: Star Performances

“OH MY GOD” Varun Sandesh looks dreadful on display, especially with his hairstyle and mustache uncomfortable frustrating, you will experience Tamil characters are attractive than him. Even on the performance angles Varun disappoints you a lot, little quality and on-screen existence he had in ‘Happy Days’, ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’ are missing completely. He can’t take off easy dancing goes and in loving moments [two liplocks] he looks foolish.

Sanchita Padkone is one more big less in the film. She does not have a shiny on-screen existence or deserving performing abilities to protect her non-glamoures part. One excellent factor is her shiny grin and she could use it for tooth paste contributes for sure.

Catherine Tersa is trying to see on display, she is wonderful and attractive. Her sight are significant and reveals that she has excellent prospective to become a celebrity heroine soon.

Shayaji Shinde entertains you as an excellent lecturer, Vennela Kishore purchased some fun and Srinivas Avasarala part was brief but boring.

With the USP as the Nationwide Champion of guiding the film, presenting new encounters to telugu market [Sanchita, Catherine], and with a tag range of ‘Love ki reasoning ledhu’, predicted an exciting program centered loving really like tale but after 15 moments you will think that your dollars added into the water.

The first 50 percent of the film performs with the story deceased slowly and useless monitor really like between Varun – Sanchita. Few moments like Sayaji Shinde tests to make Varun – Sanchita drop madly in really like, boring discussion of Varun – Sanchita looking at celebrities in sky, over organic offer moments between Varun and Sanchita ruins your feelings and irritates you.

Second 50 percent has little comfort for you with the access of hot Catherine personality and Vennela Kishore en aning funny. Both tasks are brief, but results in its indicate on your thoughts. Pinches slowly narration again soon restore the really like monitor. Movie director must know why two mouth locks forceably moments taken in the film. Factors proven for patch-up & break-up of Varun-Sanchita seems foolish and it reveals the deficiency of absence of experience Neelakanta has in managing really like experiences.

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